"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice." - Wayne Dyer



Liars Like Me
By Sabrina Aleman

Valerie thought that she and Adam would spend the rest of their lives together. As children they were inseparable but time passes and as they say, all good things must come to an end.
The secrets that Valerie must protect pull her further and further from home, and when Adam is diagnosed with cancer, she tries to run without looking back.
Now, Valerie has moved thousands of miles away from the people who love her most. When she receives an eerie text message and Adam's condition worsens, she is forced to return to her old town.
But when she arrives, some things have made... unexpected changes. And others are entirely too familiar.


(Taken From Chapter 1)

I couldn't hold it in any longer. At the mention of Adam's name, streams of regret and fear ran down my cheeks. Jasmine wiped away a tear of her own and sat next to me pulling me in to a tight side hug.
"It's time to go home, Vally." She whispered.
I sniffed and took a deep shaky breath. 
"I know." I squeaked.
All of this emotion made my stomach turn sending me running for a small purple cylinder in the corner of the room. I surrendered my breakfast to the wastebasket and thought, when did my life turn into this never-ending nightmare?
To name a few of the things on my plate, a part of me was still trying to get over Adam Jeener, my high school sweetheart. Though I put thousands of miles between us when we broke up after I graduated, the distance did nothing to fade the vivid memories, good and bad. To make things worse, a few days after I left I had to find out from my brother, Noah, that Adam was sick. When he started throwing the words 'terminally ill' around, I stopped answering his calls and we hadn't spoken in two months. I did not dare call to ask how Adam was doing, partly because I was afraid of the answer and partly because I was angry with him for not telling me sooner, preferably when we were still together.
However, as the days passed, the anger faded to guilt. At this point, I was too proud to admit that maybe I had made a mistake and too ashamed to reveal my true motives for leaving home. Now, I was forced into a corner and the only way out was down through a grave I had dug for myself.
"We need to get packing." Said Jasmine as she walked over to a small dresser on her side of the room. "If we leave tonight, we will have three days to get everything out in the open. That should give us plenty of time to reconstruct some bridges and make it to psych. class bright and early on Monday morning."
Her optimism was unsettling as I forced myself to start packing for what was bound to be a weekend of complete disaster. 


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