"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice." - Wayne Dyer



Enjoy The Show 
Shaking from the pain that's in her head
She slowly climbs into her bed
Just another day
She tries to make it through
Forcing open her big brown eyes 
Stained with red all night she cried
Just another day 
She tries not to come unglued 
Smile here
Look pretty
Wave now
Try not to frown
Though she hold her head up high
Her sorrow weighs her down 

Aching from the pain that's in her heart
She tries not to fall apart
Just another day
What is a girl to do?
Dying because it's so intense
Her troubles seem so immense
Just another day
She has to face the truth
Lost love
It's not her fault
Alone now
She is screaming out
She calls for him
He cannot come to save her

See, she is in a cage so small
Locked up
She cannot move at all
Oppressed in almost every way
She must put on her daily play

He knows where 
But he can't find her
There was nowhere left to turn
So shaken from 
The pain that's in his head
He slowly climbs into his bed
He cries alone at night
It's dark 
So they won't see
In the morning he'll get up
Still no one will know
Cause he'll put on his daily play
I hope you enjoy the show.

The Man in The Moon

When you look to the sky at night

Do you see the same man that I do?

How do you think he got there?

I think that he was in love

You know?

Kinda like you and me

He missed her so much

Like the way the world lit up

With just a single touch

So he built a rocket ship

Not too big

And he went to the moon

Cause he could see her from there

She was just so beautiful

He couldn’t help

But stare at her forever

So there he is

Just lookin’ at her

And reminding me

That even though you’re so far away


Representing all that is love

His heart forever beating for her

Just like mine for you

Forever waiting for the day

That she could see him too

People Change
i trusted you
And i loved you
even when it hurt
I would've followed you
i would kill for you
then you left
and you were different
and even though you came back
you were never here
you replaced me
and you did it again
and then you told me

i trusted you
until you lied
and i love you
even though it hurts
i would follow you
anywhere and back
i would kill for you
anyone, including me
you left
and i'm different now
even though you came back
I'm not really here

A Boy I Knew 
Once there was a boy I knew
We often used to play
But then one day he grew and grew
And now I have to say
The man I know is different
Strong in so many ways
Yet still he finds the weak spots
To ruin almost all his days
I love this man
So very much and all I want to say
Is that once there was a boy I knew
We often used to play

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