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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sending Love Around the World

A few weeks ago our church announced that we would be hosting a charity event, Operation Christmas Child. The organization Samaritan's Purse leads this event and asks ordinary people to fill a shoe box (or any box that fit the required dimensions) with things that could make them heroes to children in need all over the world. Things like toys, hygiene products, school supplies, etc. (<-link for list of suggestions). Once the the box is filled you tape a label to it and drop it off at a host location to be sent to the Samaritan's Purse. 

From there, they send the box to children in need. 

Some of those kids have nothing.

Some have no one. 

This is an amazing opportunity to show them that some one cares about them, and that God is watching out for them. 

Words cannot describe how much this touched my heart! I feel like sending 100 boxes out! All I could imagine was Nico's sweet little face in the place of the children living in extreme poverty. I can only imagine how devastating it is as a parents to not be able to give your little one everything they deserve, and then to think that the world is over looking our suffering. 

I want those people to know that some people are honestly trying to help in any way possible, even something a trivial as filling a shoe box with Dollar Store goodies.

Of course we do what can!

Not only can I send a box, I can SPREAD THE WORD!

This event relies heavily on the participation of volunteers! It needs people to go out and put boxes together to send them to kids who desperately need to feel special and parent who need to know that their is hope. 

Their goal is to reach 100,000,000 children.

We can make it 1 Billion!!!

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