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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

There's No Place Like Space!


Humanity's unquenchable thirst for knowledge has led us to countless discoveries and achievements. It led us to discovering new species' of life, sailing the oceans to different lands, and most recently, landing a probe, Philae, on a comet in Space! 

Though it may not sound like much, this latest accomplishment will help scientist learn more about the origin of comets and how that origin relates to the home we call Earth. Most comets are composed of dust and ICE. As you know, where there is ice, there must have been water, and where there is water, there must be life!

Hopefully, the new discoveries will help us decode some of the mysteries of God and it will help others realize that there is no such thing as coincidence. I believe that purpose comes from something, and everything has a purpose. 

The purpose of the Earth is to sustain human life, but what gave the Earth that purpose?

If everything has a beginning, even beginnings, then how would we ever find out what the beginning of everything really is? 

UNLESS, there is something out there that has always been.

Not an exception to the rule, the creator of the rule. 

The origin.

Whatever happens, whatever you believe, one thing is certain; History has been made in our generation yet again, and it is something that we should all be aware of!

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