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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Shoot

A photo shoot is a great way to raise your self esteem and have a good time with your little one! 
Help out the photography students at a local college in your town. They are always in need of people to "shoot", and not only do they usually do great work, it is free! ;)
During the break, Nico and I helped out a friend who was in need of some models. 
From that experience I learned that there is more to a photo shoot than you think! 

 The photographer, Carmel Ureña, was hard at work making sure the lighting was absolutely perfect for each individual pose we struck.

Her assistant helped by holding the reflectors for at least an hour and a half

Nico refused to leave my lap, even while I was getting my make-up done

And photo shoots involve a lot of waiting around

I also learned that it is not that easy to strike a pose. Modeling takes a lot of maturity and self confidence!

Nico and I both lack the qualities of the ideal model, but we had so much fun! 

 As you can see Carmel is extremely talented! 

She has a gift for capturing the beauty of anyone!

To see more of her amazing work visit: https://www.facebook.com/imgscee

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