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Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Special Christmas (; On a Budget ;)

This is the time of year for GIVING!! 

We all love to shower our friends and family with things that remind them that we care! 

But sometimes, our lists are miles long and our cash is a little short. The most important thing to keep in mind around this time of year is that Christmas is not about the money. It is about celebrating the coming of Christ into this world to save us! It is about being more like Jesus, giving and loving, especially to those you love! 

With these 4 tips, you can still have a very special affordable Christmas:

1. *Gifts - PICTURES!!! What better way to give them something to remember you by? A nice inexpensive picture frame with a picture of the kids is perfect for grandparents, aunts, and uncles! If you don't think they would appreciate a picture, get them CANDY!!! Buy nice small holiday boxes and fill them with Christmas confetti and that person's (or child's) favorite candy! If this person doesn't like pictures or candy, you can never go wrong with a RED BOX gift card. Just 5 dollars can provide a busy couple with 5 movie date nights after the kids go to sleep. Think about it! *Spend the most on 2 or 3 very special people!

2. Christmas Cards - Hand making Christmas cards is a fun family activity! Start out with a fun holiday photo shoot; there are plenty of awesome ideas on Pinterest. Then print 4x6 photos and tape them to the inside of blank Christmas Cards. Fill the inside with a personal message, or a Christmas bible verse; Luke 2:10 or 11 is nice! Don't forget to sign it with love from the whole family!

3. The Tree - If you live in a small apartment (like us) or you can't really afford a tree, getting what I like to call a "Tiny Tree" is a whimsical alternative! A few years ago we bought a $20 tree at Walgreens that had built in LED lights and came with a base and power cord. We put it on a small table and decorated it with colorful ornaments from the 99 cent store. It is absolutely beautiful! 

4. Dinner/ Breakfast - For breakfast have a pancake feast! Make them with egg eyes and bacon smiles! (Turkey bacon is a healthy and cheap alternative to pork bacon.) For extra fun dye them green with food coloring for Grinch pancakes!  For dinner, skip the turkey or ham and have a nice fat roasted chicken, whoever finds the wish bone gets to make a special wish! 

As long as you are overflowing with love it doesn't matter how much you spend!  

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