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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Tiny Teeth!

Babies are always more than proud to show off their brand new set of chompers, even if they only have one or two!

With new teeth comes new responsibilities! 

As soon as Nico had about six teeth we decided it was time for a visit to the dentist, who was pleasantly surprised upon meeting us!

She went on about how rare it was for parents to bring their child at such an early age, and about how amazing it was for Nico to have a head start towards healthy brushing habits! 

 We even got an adorable free toothbrush! 

A little bit of advice:  

Don't forget you camera! Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way because I left my camera at home. You are NOT going to want to miss seeing your little one in that giant green chair! It is something that you will want to remember forever! 

If your child is a biter there is a trick that the dentist showed me to prevent painful injuries, on my part and on his! 
Take two fingers and put them in between the back of his gums where he does not have teeth yet. This will hold his mouth open and though he will be instinctively biting down, you won't suffer any notoriously unpleasant baby bites. Your baby will not like this. 

Your baby doesn't really like foreign objects near his mouth unless he puts it there, or unless it's food, preferably something sweet. Don't be alarmed when the dentist asks you to hold him down, and keep your cool when he starts to freak out. This is NOT going to hurt him. So, smile at him, sing to him, tell him it's okay, and remind him that the dentist is a friend when everything is over! That will make return visits easier in the future! 
Stay healthy and keep on smiling =) 

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