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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Perfect Movie Night In

When you have kids it can be hard to find time to go out. Heck, it can be hard for anyone these days to find time to date. Between work, school, errands, chores, kids, and pets (for some), finding time to spend with your significant other can get a little complicated. 

This is often true for Pedro and me. He works at night, I work/go to school during the day, and Nico takes up all of our time in between! We hardly have a moment alone, but when we do, we try to make the most of it. After all, the state of our relationship is important for a healthy family life and to give Nico a good example of what true love looks like. <3

Fortunately, there are many fun things to do at home, after the baby hits the crib for the night! 

This week, we had an amazing Netflix Movie Date! 

Soft Tacos!! 

Soft tacos are the perfect movie dinner! They are nutritious finger food that are fun to put together, and that don't distract you from the movie too much. It is a funny messy good time as you have folding competitions to see who can keep the most stuffing in their tortilla. 
Ingredients are simple: Tortillas, lettuce, tomato, 1lb ground beef, a can of pinto beans (to make re-fried beans), sour cream, and Mexican blend cheese. And, this is a great opportunity to use left over Taco Bell sauces!

Bonnie and Clyde

This is a five star movie! Those of you who are romantics will enjoy the raw, unshakable love that kept these two together and fueled everything that they did! Those of you who would probably fall asleep if something doesn't blow up at least twice are also in luck, as Bonnie and Clyde were also fans of big guns that did immense damage.

Freshly washed hair and one of Pedro's old t-shirts

Men are honestly not very hard to impress! Often times, a clean natural look is sexier than heavy make-up and a tight dress. 
The hair style is quick: Step away from the straightener and hop in the shower, wash your hair, condition it with hair oils immediately when you finish towel drying! 
Then, raid his drawers! Find his favorite shirt and a comfy/sexy pair of undies or even his boxers. 
This is a date that does not require a bra! ;) 

Whether you stay it or go out, remember to appreciate each other and cherish your precious time together!

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