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Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Story of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are beautiful!
We can all agree that they have become the signature to any ideal celebration! 
For many Christians, a lit Christmas Tree symbolizes the light of Jesus shining in the darkness.  

But have you ever wondered why people decorate trees, or anything for that matter, with string of tiny colorful light bulbs?

It is speculated that Martin Luther was the first person to decorate an evergreen tree with candles. He was walking home one night and found himself fascinated but the way the stars twinkled through the evergreens. He chopped down and mount an evergreen in his home, and glued small candles to the branches to share the magic of the stars with his family. 

The tradition caught on and soon everyone was decorating their trees with tiny lit candles. Because of the extreme fire hazard, most people did not light their trees until the night before Christmas. 
Since then, Christmas lights have had major developments. 

In 1882 Edward Johnson wired red, white, and blue bulbs together and put them on his tree. His idea was a step in the right direction, but the bulbs were expensive and they had to be wired by a professional electrician. 

Finally, in 1917 Albert Sadacca decided to make the lights multicolored. He started a company called NOMA Electric Company, with his brothers Henri and Leon, which soon became the largest Christmas lighting company in the world. They used a new invention where the string of lights could be plugged in to a wall socket. 

In the 1960's the lights we all know and love became popular and are similar to the lights we use today. 

Minus the LED of course. 

Merry Christmas! ;) 

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