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Friday, December 5, 2014

6 Things to Consider When Expecting...

So, you found out you are expecting a child!


Babies are the most wonderful little creatures on Earth, as you will soon discover. 

But, now what?

Maybe, you don't really know that much about pregnancy or parenthood, or maybe, people have shared a few specific details from their personal experiences. Maybe, you have done a lot of research and you know everything about what  happens to a woman's body during those 9 months. 

While it's important to know those things, there are somethings that you will only come to understand throughout the pregnancy. 

It is an uncomfortable time for some women, very uncomfortable. But for others, it is easy and it feels very natural. That is why I advise you to never compare your pregnancy to someone else. Every woman is completely different from another therefore the same goes for pregnancy. 

Know that you have options. Everyone can tell you otherwise, but it is your body and only you know what is ultimately best for you. It is an enormous responsibility to have some one around who depends on you for everything. 

Make sure you are willing to love some one more than you love yourself.  Being a parent is the most selfless thing you can ever do.

You will need a lot of emotional support. You need some one around who will try to understand what you are going through, to pamper you, and tell you how amazing you are for carry a life into the world. Make sure you find that person! Or make sure you are that person!

You don't have to take everyone's advice. Everyone will have something to say to you about what you are going through. They all think that their way is the best way. I think that your way is the best way. God blessed us all with children that only we know how to deal with specifically. 

The most important thing is love. LOVE LOVE LOVE! If you are nervous about how you will do as a parent, just love them. For who they are, for everything that they are, and make sure that you let them know it!

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