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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Throw Back Thursday: Nico's 1st Egg Hunt!

Today, I would like to revisit a day that I feel passed by entirely too quickly...

This Easter was a blessing for my family and I. 
We were fortunate enough to be able to spend a wonderful and relaxed day together! 

To start off the celebration, we attended a beautiful church service where we rejoiced for what Jesus did for us when he died and rose again. 
Three people accepted Jesus as their savior! 
After the service, Nico got to open his Easter basket. 

He was very excited about the snacks =)

This was his first Easter egg hunt! 

He quickly realized that the eggs on the ground were for him.


And he was delighted to find that they all had yummy, healthy snacks in them. 

All except for the Golden Egg of course.


That one had CHOCOLATE!

But that was NOTHING compared to the food xD 


We loved every minutes of it...


while I LOVED every minute of them <3

happy TBT ;)  

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