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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Easy Last Minute DIY Father's Day Gift (Toddler Friendly!)

This year is my husband Pedro's second Father's Day! 

His second Father's Day is equally as significant as his first, because our son, Nico, is finally old enough to help me continue the tradition of the DIY Father's Day present!

 22 months old

Last year, I created a little picture book explaining what made Pedro the best father in the world. 

It was kind of last minute, but I was able to put together something that he could look at on a bad day, or when he needed something to make him smile. 

This year since I already had an idea, I put much more thought and time into his gift, and I was able to make him something just as personal as the first, but a bit more practical......  


A wooden picture frame! 

Painting is a wonderful toddler friendly activity! Not only does it help little ones develop fine motor skills and creativity, it's a great time to teach colors! 

Not to mention, painting a picture frame is a simple activity for busy Kul Moms that takes 30 minutes or less! The small frame cost less than 10 dollars at Walmart, along with the paint and paint brushes. And the newspapers were free, making this activity affordable on virtually any budget! 

Since Pedro's favorite color is green we started with a green base. Nico enjoyed aiming for the picture frame, but after a while, that turned out to be the last thing he wanted to paint. 

CAUTION: This is activity is only for Kul Mom's who like to get messy! 

While I finished the green base and painted the borders blue...

Nico smeared green paint all over his hands and in between his fingers. It turned out to be a wonderful sensory experience for him! 


I added strokes of yellow before the paint was dry to give it a funky texture and painted the back of the frame a solid green. 

I had a number of pictures that would have looked very nice in the frame but none that managed to send the right message. 

This Father's Day, I wanted Pedro to know that I appreciate him as a dad, and also that I am in love with him as a dad. When we were dating, I used to sketch pictures for him all the time and write songs and poems about how I couldn't be without him. My heart was seeping love and it had to be expressed! I need him to know that I still feel that way, more now than ever! He is not the boy I fell in love with. He has turned into an incredible man who means more to me than anyone will ever know. 

I drew him a new picture to show him that I cherish the bond he has with our son, and that I still love everything about who he is. 

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