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Friday, September 18, 2015

Teaching Toddlers 104: Playdough Playtime!

Everybody loves play-dough! It's squishy fun that molds into any shape your imagination can dream up, which is what makes it the perfect tool when it comes to toddler exploration! If your child doesn't like to color, playing with play-dough is a fantastic indoor alternative!

One of Nico's best birthday presents was this cool Playdoh Beach Creations bucket. It came with 4 tiny cups of Playdoh, and a bunch of different molds and tools to sculpt the figure of our choice. 

That little bucket included all the materials we needed for almost an hour of play time, and that best part was that Nico didn't even realize this was a lesson! 

He developed his motor skills, as he practiced scooping it out of the cup with the tiny shovel, and his imagination when he pretended to "feed me" his Play-doh food! 


Then, he tried to actually take a bite and found that it was not appetizing. 
(There are edible play-dough recipes that are very easy to make for extra sensory fun!)

Aside from learning that this specific play-dough is not food, we went over the colors and constructed different shapes! 


 And, as hard as I tried to avoid it, we ended up with mixed colors. 
My advice? Don't fight it.

But that's what play-dough is for; to make messes and mix colors and to fire up their little imaginations!


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