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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Teaching Toddlers 105: Baking

 I think that instant baking mixes are the best thing since paper plates, especially the brownies! 
They are delicious, affordable, and they make an amateur baker look like a master chef. 

Anyone can follow directions off the back of the box, even a toddler.
Baking is the perfect opportunity to teach your child about common goods like eggs, milk, and flour. 

In my opinion, it is never too early to start teaching kids about food!  


My 2 year old, Nico, couldn't agree more!

He cracked eggs as if he had done it a million times.

Due to his excitement and eagerness to help, baking brownies with me allowed Nico to practice following complex instructions and identifying the ingredients by shape or color. 

When the time came to mix the ingredients, I allowed Nico to explore the texture of blended food.

 As he got his hand (and his shirt) messy, I explained that putting different foods together changed the way they felt and turned them into something new! 

And after everything was mixed up well, he got to have a little taste of his hard work!


The finished result gave him something to be proud of and taught him that behind every brownie, there is a baker and an egg.


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