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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Teaching Toddlers: Thanksgiving Workshop

It is my favorite time of year once again! A day where we come together to share delicious food with thankful hearts. A time where we reflect on life and how grateful we are for all that we have.

Every child should learn to express gratitude as soon as possible, "Gracias" (thank you) was one of my son's first words! This year will be one of the earliest memories he will have of Thanksgiving, so it is important that he remembers the feelings of joy and the purpose of the holiday, which is to give thanks for all things.

Before gluing our turkey on to the paper, we created a beautiful work of art as a background for our little friend.  As he colored I explained that we need to be happy and say thank you to God for all of the things we have and I gave him examples of things to be grateful for. My main goal is for him to remember to always say thanks.
ex: Nico, say thank you for my toys! Nico, da gracias por tus carritos! 

Once he was satisfied with the paper, we arranged the turkey shapes and glued them to the page. 

Since Nico is beginning to learn his colors, we used a vibrant rainbow of feathers.

He counted them in Spanish, then in English, and I helped him glue the feathers down in the order and place where he wanted.
(thus explaining the 2 blue feathers on top of each other) 

By the end of the activity I told him that we were going to eat lots of food at his Abi's house (his grandmother's house) to celebrate all of the blessings we have received from God! 

Now he knows what a turkey is, and he is excited to have a fun day at Abuelita's house! 

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