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Friday, February 6, 2015

3 Ways to Renew Your Love

Here you are with you significant other after a few years. 

You love each other dearly, but it seems like all you ever do together is stress and worry, even though life is made a little bit easier when you have someone to help you figure out how to live so that you both get the most out of the gift God has blessed us all with. 

The problem is that most of the time this gift of life doesn't seem much like a blessing at all.

After the bills are paid, the homework is done, the kids are asleep, and you've had dinner, you tend to lay down feeling more achy than you did when you woke up. 

As time passes, we all find ourselves burning out. The passion and lust that once consumed couples in the beginning of their relationship fades to a more necessary and secure form of love. Before you know it, you are in bed by ten reading together like those married couples in the movies and on TV. 

And all too soon, life is hum-drum and you feel, dare I say it, OLD. 

If only there were a time machine that could at least show you what you used to do for fun.

While we cannot avoid the inevitability of getting older, we CAN do things that make us feel young again, and we can do them with our significant other. Doing exciting new things together, and maybe a few harmless things you used to do, can renew love in a powerful way! 

Here is how:

1. Take Each Other Back - Once, long ago, you used to do something extra special for your significant other. You would buy her chocolates once a week, you would call him during your lunch break at work just to hear his voice, you always used to make breakfast together and sit down for a coffee. My recommendation is that you chose one of those things to do again! It doesn't have to become a consistent habit again (though it would be nice if it did) but a sweet gesture like that will make you remember and cherish the Puppy Love that brought you to where you are today! 


2. Teach Each Other Something New - In the beginning of our relationship, my husband Pedro was an avid skateboarder, and he was (and still is) very talented. Not only was it sexy when he would show off by doing tricks that his friends couldn't, but he would actually step off of his board to teach me how to ride; it was a HUGE turn on. In turn, back when he was not a Christian yet, I began taking him to church and teaching what I knew about Jesus and the bible. Those special moments that we spent together are priceless memories that we all have! They may not exactly be the same, but there was a time when you stepped out of your world into his/hers, and it was exhilarating! Recreate one of those memories, or make new ones! 

3. Fall in Love Again - I recently read an article that stated that love is a choice we make and that any two people can fall in love. The theory is that by asking a series of questions, 36 to be exact, in a romantic setting, a couple could create nonsexual intimacy and establish trust that would eventually grow in to respect and admiration. Begin a series of dates based around this theory. There are 3 sets of questions, so it  would take 3 romantic dates; for example a picnic in the park, a dinner out or in, making brunch together, going for a scenic drive, etc. You can even turn this into a craft by writing down the questions on decorated note cards! What do you have to lose? You're already in love, so this exercise could only push you deeper in your bond. Remember to ask the question even if you think you already know the answer, your partner may just surprise you! 

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