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Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Kul Kind of Valentine

 Valentine's Day 2015 was cause for excitement and anticipation for people all across the country and in Puerto Rico. 

Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, was out trying to get gifts that expressed their undying love to their significant other. The stores were full of white, red, and pink, balloons, chocolates, flowers! 

However, after all was said and done, this V-day was very low key for this Kul Mom and her family.

It started out as most days do with my wonderful husband cooking up breakfast. 

On the menu, egg, cheese, and roast beef sandwich!

And an ice cream cake for dessert! Sprinkles by yours truly. 

After a pretty average morning, Pedro went off to work and I put Nico down for a nap. 
I used my lovely 2 hours of Me Time on a Valentine's day make-over. 

 Then, my date finally woke up!

Nico waited patiently while I got dressed...

He didn't look too bad himself!

And, after a thousand more pictures, we finally went to the park. 


He took some selfies...

I took some selfies...

And overall it was a very simple day full of the best kind of love! 

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