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Friday, March 27, 2015

Inspiring Youth: Yamiles Elicier

Iconic, stunning, bold, original. 

That is what comes to mind when I think of the new clothing line, Zelimay by 18 year old Dominican-Puerto Rican designer Yamiles Elicier. 

Yamiles has always been passionate about fashion designing, loving every part of the creative process. By the age of 10 years old, Yamiles was already designing and tailoring her own clothes, though she lacked the confidence to share her genius with the world until she was around 14. 

Her decision to begin sewing her own products was due to her limited financial situation, but the young woman is an optimist; she would see amazing pieces in store windows and on magazine covers, and instead of thinking "I wish I could afford that", she thought "I know I could make better!" She was inspired to create clothing that people would crave

Now, the ambitious young woman doesn't let any circumstance hold her back. Her inspiration stems from anything, from Tumblr to architecture, that is beautiful and catches her creative eye. Once she has an idea in mind, virtually nothing can stop her from making that vision a remarkable work of art. 

Sure enough, as soon as people realized her immense talent, the orders began pouring in! The first piece she ever created for someone was a green v-neck dress that she made for her cousin. The sexy gown was tailor made to hug and compliment the curves of the voluptuous woman. Needless to say, the client was extremely satisfied, feeling great and looking great as she sported a Zelimay original. 
Model: Cousin of designer

That was when Yamiles realized that she had what it takes to become the next Oscar de la Renta or better! 
"I realized that my dream could be a reality when I not only saw that I was equipped to start my own brand, but when others were there to support me as well." - Yamlies E.
The talented young fashion designer also stated that there is nothing more amazing than having strangers believe in her work as if they knew her personally. When she sees others wearing her ensembles, she sometimes finds it hard to believe that she could produce such breathtaking designs. And when she wears her own pieces (she would be crazy not to!) she feels exhilarated and professional, like nothing and no one can touch her. 


Perhaps one of her best qualities is that Miss Elicier never shies away from a challenge. She constantly pushes herself to go above and beyond what she was previously capable of. The words "comfort zone" are foreign to her, as she is accustomed to breaking limits and not letting anyone tell her what she can or cannot create. Fashion has enabled her to grow and become more patient, daring, and selfless. Her family, who has witnessed her evolve into a mature artist, is one of the sources of her unshakable confidence, having always encouraged her and supported her talent and dreams. 

Yamiles has already had enormous amounts of success, landing photo shoots with models, features in magazines, and even interviews on television, but she humbly acknowledges that she still has a long way to go. She is grateful for every person who has entered her life and who desires to work with her. 
Model: Mitchelle M Cobb, 34 years old  Photographer: LUXe Creative Imaging

Within the next 5 years, Yamiles envisions Zelimay to be an international brand and a household name, having shows all over the world, and establishing a little family of her own. But for now she continues to build a strong foundation for her brand. She is well aware that this is only the beginning and that there is no where to go but up. 

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