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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Surviving the Tropical Storm

Hurricane season is upon us! Erika is knocking on our door and she might be coming in whether we like it or not! The most important thing about an upcoming storm is being prepared. Nothing will put you at ease more than knowing you are ready for whatever the storm might blow your way! 

*Important Tips

  • Don't wait until the last minute to prepare - Don't go out hours before the storm is going to hit expecting to find everything on your list. Be responsible and try to get ready a few days early. 
  • Stay informed - Know the current details of the storm that is moving toward you! 
  • Stay inside! - Once the storm starts, stay inside no matter what! Pets should NEVER be left outside during a storm. Trust your gut; if your boss is calling you, but you just saw a chicken fly by your window, it's OK to let it go to voicemail. 
  • Stay calm, Make an Emergency Plan - Chances are, this is not your first time going through a storm, and if it is, there is a reason why the rest of us aren't freaking out. As long as you are prepared there is nothing to be worried about. God is in control and He loves us! 

*for those of you who live in Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands, I am using Google Public Alerts to keep track of the tropical storm Erika. The website is also the source of more excellent tips and safety information. 


6 Must Have Supplies:

  • Bottled water - If you freeze 3 packs of water you can use 2 of them to keep the food cold in your fridge and one of them to thaw and drink! 
  • A grill or mini grill - Something to cook on if the power goes out. 
  • Aluminum foil - For cooking things on the grill 
  • Candles - Because candles don't run out of batteries. 
  • Flashlight or Lantern - Because sometimes candles aren't quite bright enough to chase monsters away. (; Don't forget the batteries ;)
  • Deck of cards - To see how many games you can make up in one night! 

4 Dinner Ideas: 

  • Sandwiches - Tuna, ham, cheese, turkey, Swiss, the list goes on and on! There has never been a better excuse to eat a delicious grilled sandwich! 
  • Hot Dogs - The go-to grill food, accompanied with your favorite chips! 
  • Fish - Wrap some seasoned fish in aluminum foil with olive oil and toss it on the grill for a delicious healthy snack
  • Baked Potatoes - Wrap in aluminum foil and bake of the grill with the lid on; don't forget to add the yummy toppings! 

3 Activities to Brighten the Night: 

  1. Shadow Puppet Theater - Act out TV shows or movies, or make up something totally original! 
  2. Read a Book Out Loud - Each person can read for a different character, or the person with the most enchanting voice can captivate everyone else! 
  3. Never Ending Story - One person begins the story with 2 sentences and the next person adds to it with their 2, etc. See how long your group or family can keep it going! 

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