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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Extremely Awesome DIY Cars Birthday Party!

This year was Nico's last birthday he will have while living here in Puerto Rico, so we decided to do it BIG

He turned 2 years old and I'll admit, my mom and I got a little carried away! 


 I made the invitations using Microsoft Publisher and pictures and fonts downloaded from the internet for FREE! It cost me about $10 to have them printed on glossy paper at Office Depot.

There was one side with the information in Spanish and one with information in English for our bilingual birthday bash. 
The theme was cars (not the movie) since Nico has an obsession with toys cars, and to save money we DIY'ed everything we could, even his candle!   

Regular Candle + Sharpie       

Most of the decorations were done by hand also.We used a lot of paint and a very old hot glue gun.


To make other party favors and decorations we used sheets of foam, construction paper, glue, and printed pictures of the birthday boy. 


The goody bags were just plain black bags from Party city with construction paper to create the lights and a little flag was later added to keep the bag from folding open. 

For his cake table, we used table cloths and banners that were ordered from Ebay. 


I would like to personally thank my aunt who made and decorated Nico's delicious birthday cake! 


Based on some adorable ideas from Pinterest, we made cute little labels for each dish that we decided to serve. I created each label on Publisher and downloaded the fonts and images from the internet. 

We served hot dogs, french fries, chocolate doughnuts, pigs in a blanket, chicken nuggets, sandwiches de mezcla (traditional Puerto Rican party food), and chips and dip! 

The food was such a hit that our guests gobbled it up before I got to snap a picture of the lay out, but I have included a few labels to give the idea. 

The Iced Tea reads Motor Oil, the Lemonade reads Anti Freeze


My extremely talented mother and I my this piñata togeteher using an old box, super glue, tissues paper, construction paper, and tape! We were very proud that it at least resembled a car!

Though all the really mattered was that the kids had a blast destroying it!


 Nico was the only one who wasn't very enthusiastic about scrambling for the candy. 
I guess he is wise beyond his years, knowing that there was plenty to go around!


However, after some encouragement on my end, he eventually reached in and picked up just one toy. 


I think what he enjoyed most were the games, crafted by my mother and me!  







Each little player tried their hardest and each little winner got a mini prize!  


What I enjoyed most was the beautiful photo booth once again made by my mother using a sharpie, a large box, and construction paper.

Nico and his lovely Grandmother AKA The Artist

And even though I was against it in the beginning; when in doubt, get a bouncy house. 

As much as I hate to admit it, it was a huge success! All the little ones who were too shy to participate in the games enjoyed bouncing to their heart's content. 

Make the older kids and the younger kids take turns.
(Learned this the hard way after my poor little guy got trampled, basically my worst nightmare)

Baby Bounce!


 We enjoyed spending an amazing day with family and friends...

My cousin's gorgeous daughter
and we were blessed enough to be able to take such a memorable picture! 

Primos = Cousins!!

Nico is holding the "O"

I honestly could not imagine a more perfect 2nd Birthday Extravaganza!  

**All of the inspiration for this party came from Pinterest pins all saved to my board Nico's 2nd Birthday Party **

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