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Friday, July 10, 2015

4 Everyday Outfit Ideas For Young Moms

Before I had Nico fashion was a big part of my life. I didn't shop everyday, but I had a pretty good collection of versatile pieces that I loved to mix and match! I loved to look good; who doesn't? But during the course of my pregnancy, through the morning sickness, bloating, and changes in my body, I lost sight of my style. 

As a young mother, the changes of motherhood were sudden; one moment I find out I'm pregnant and the next thing I know, I'm blowing up like a balloon, hardly able to recognize myself. 

I was fortunate to return to my normal size a few months after Nico was born, but inside, I had completely changed. I realized that the things I used to wear no longer expressed how I viewed myself; a young mother with large goals who wanted to be taken seriously while still feeling young and beautiful. 

It took me a while to be comfortable in my own skin as the person I became when Nico was born, a Kul Mom
 I can finally proudly say this is my style as a 20 something mommy! 

4 fabulous everyday outfit ideas for young moms:

The Classic T-shirt and Flowy Skirt.

Comfortable white Keds because it's hard to chase a 2 year old in heels!

Jean Jacket, White fitted Cami, & Navy Striped Skirt

Sheer Black Quarter Sleeve, Loose Fitting Black Cami, & Gray Skinny Jeans 

Accessories: Long Tangled Necklace, Sterling silver Ear Cuff
Checkered Navy and White Button Down Shirt Dress, Print Fitted Cami, & Black Leggings

I LOVE mixing patterns! It adds an interesting twist to an outfit!

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