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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Potty Diaries: Getting Started

To potty or not to potty?

It seems that's the next big question as our little ones make the transition from toddlers to big kids. And everyone has something to say about it. With half of your friends and family telling you to wait and the other half telling you it's about time you got started, it can be hard to know if or when your baby is ready. 

The main question on my mind was, at what age is it appropriate to start toilet training
my son? After many hours of research I finally found my answer.

Despite what you may have heard, I found that there is no exact age to mark the beginning of the potty days; it all boils down to your baby. Is he or she ready? I found a POTTY READINESS QUIZ on pediatrics.about.com that might help you figure it out. 

The next question is, are you ready? To begin the potty process you'll need a few supplies:

Potty Time Tools
A cleaning spray (maybe 2, for the accidents)
A large pack of paper towels
Potty seat or potty chair (pro/con list for both)
Baby wipes (for cleaning up beginners) 
Training pants or undies 
 Diapers (yes, you'll still need diapers. our little ones still cannot be expected to stay dry at night or during naps)
A potty book for parents (optional but extremely helpful)
 An online forum to turn to when you're at your wits end (no matter how calm you are when you start the process, I guarantee mild frustration on your part at some point. Knowing that others are going through the same things may help you feel a bit more relaxed and will motivate you to be patient and to not give up) 

A few more things that experts suggest are videos and books to help your baby along. We decided to skip the videos, and although I originally planned to buy potty books, they didn't get there in time. So speaking by experience, I'd say it's okay to start without those as long as your little one understands what the toilet is, what it's for, and what to do on it. 

Follow Nico and I as we take our first steps towards his childhood! 
And I wish you the best of luck on your own Potty Journey! 

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