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Friday, July 17, 2015

Puerto Rico Adventures: El Yunque

My family and I are blessed to live on an island that is rich in history and diverse in nature and landscapes. From the rainforests, to the caves, to the beaches, to the salt plains, there is always something new to see! 

During the month of July, we planned a few affordable day trips around the island to take in as much of Puerto Rico as we can before we move back to the States later this year. 

Our first stop was El Yunque rainforest! 

Since we got a late start we did not have time to stop at the observation tower and viewing spots on the way up to the river. Our main priority was taking a dip in the cold Yunque water! If you want to see everything the mountain has to offer I recommend leaving early; the park is open from 7:30am to 6pm. 
Start heading down 45min. before they close to avoid getting left behind

When we arrived we were interested in going to the peak, but the hike is much too difficult for our 22mo, Nico. 

(My husband and I agreed to go together later) 


Instead, we tried to tackle the hike from the gift shop down to the waterfall. The path was steep and narrow and there were dozens of tourist passing by on the way up and down. Needless to say, Nico got very tired and when we realized we would have to carry him all the way back up the mountain we turned around.
(Again, we agreed to save this hike for another day) 

Nico and I suffered a minor accident when I stepped off the path and slipped on a rock, falling face forward, with Nico in my arms. 


I came down with his weight and mine on my forearms and elbows, and learned to never leave the path. The 30 or so people around me were very concerned about Nico, who was terrified but not hurt, and shot me "bad parent glances" when they passed around me, as I was now determined to never leave the path.

We eventually made it back up to a picnic area we had spotted on the way down, conveniently close to the parking lot and a tranquil shallow part of the river. 

We ate a delicious lunch of turkey, Swiss, and salami sandwiches with barbecue chips, then suited up for Nico's very first river bath!


He was freezing but excited and more than comfortable as long as he could cling to Daddy or me. 

I guided him up stream.... 


And before we knew it, it was time to go home. On the way down the mountain, Nico fell asleep...

and we were able to stop at a looking point with a view that is much better in person. 

Where the ocean and sky connect <3

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