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Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Night To Remember: Joy & Max

Yesterday, January 10th, 2015,  I had the privilege of attending the wedding of a beautiful young couple, Max and Joy!
 I can't think of a better way to celebrate a new year in love than a wedding! 

The venue was absolutely beautiful; everyone who decorated did an amazing job.



Every detail was perfect, the team left nothing out!


Nico and I had a blast!


He looked dashing in his sweater-vest and homemade bow tie! 


And I made plenty of new friends! 


As a bridesmaid I want to wish Joy and Max all of the blessings the Lord has to offer!
There is no better feeling than knowing that He led you to the person He made to complete your heart...

You are soul mates, anyone with eyes can see that! 


Always remember these wise words...


You guys will go through many trials together, more than you have already been through, things that you probably can't even imagine!  But the most important thing is that you are together, helping each other grow to be better people.

 May you become a stronger unified soul forever!

I wish you nothing but harmony and peace.

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