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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Throwback Thursday!

Is it a coincidence that Thursday this week also happens to be the first day of a BRAND NEW YEAR!?!?! 

Take a journey with me to 2014, the year of indescribable blessings, incredible changes, and immense personal growth for all of us!

Nico experienced his first cold weather outing.

Nico spent quality time with Buba (Anna)
Nico refused to use his pacifier normally.
He discovered his feet
Daddy tested out his crib.
They napped together
He had a rockin' baby fohawk
One of many trips to Cabo Rojo, PR
I went through a selfie phase.
One of many silly family pics.
When he used to fit in the bouncer he loved.
He drooled more, but he was just as photogenic as always. 


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