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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Freed From Auschwitz

Today is an Important day of history that should NEVER be forgotten. On this day 70 years ago, Russian soldiers freed the survivors of Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland from Nazi enslavement.

For Those Of You Who Do not know, Auschwitz was one of the MOST lethal and Well Known concentration camps. Many men, women, and children Were exterminated, abused, and experimented on there Solely Because They did not Fit With Hitler's great race.

In the 1940s Hitler was the MOST ruthless dictator of His Time. He convinced the majority of the population that Germans were the supreme race, and all others that were poisonous to the growth and development of the country. Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, dwarfs, and black people were Considered enemies.

In a vicious attempt to eliminate them completely, Hitler constructed concentration camps Where I would force Human Beings to work under horrifying conditions or commit mass murder-through the use of gas chambers.

Unthinkable and unspeakable horrors that occurred during the years Hitler was in power.

Soon, as other countries country started to notice what was happening, a second World War was of declared. Finally, in 1945 on January 27th, the survivors of Auschwitz were LIBERATED.


 Let us NEVER forget this day.

Let us be aware that genocide is STILL happening in modern-day society.

Let us fight this HORRIBLE injustice.

And let us NEVER persecute others based on ethnic, spiritual, or sexual differences.

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