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Friday, January 2, 2015

Inspiring Youth: Christian Gould

If you find yourself in need of some inspiration or motivation to kick off this year, allow me to introduce an old friend of mine, Christian Gould.

Christian and I go way back! We met in the 7th grade in middle school through a mutual friend, and let me say, I realized how unique he was right from the start! Christian was fun to be around, and anyone can tell you that his energetic, positive personality is infectious! It is difficult to frown in his presence, as he has the unique ability to make anyone laugh. 

On a trip a few of my friends and I took in the 8th grade to Busch Gardens, he was the only one who did not back down from the big rides! He spent most of his time there encouraging us to be brave, to face the biggest roller-coaster in the park, of course we HAD to ride in the very FRONT row!

After middle school, Christian began high school in North Carolina. As a result of the difficulties he faced in high school, his mother thought a change of scenery would be the best thing for him. With only one and a half months of his junior year to complete, he began a new chapter of his life in Wellington, Florida with his father.

In Florida, Christian made friends with nearly everyone he met! That contagious joyful energy allowed him to make the best out of any situation. After completing high school, he studied briefly at Palm Beach State College, though he soon realized that college was not for him. He had ambitions to work in Foreign Currency Exchange, and he understood that hard work is the key to any kind of success. By the time he was 20 years old, Christian had three part-time jobs; a teller at the Bank of America, sales associate at Nordstrom, and sales associate at Advance Auto Parts. Though he was incredibly busy, he still made time to maintain nurture his friendships, nearby and thousands of miles away. 

Then suddenly, his life was turned upside down. On November 21, 2014 tragedy struck. Christian was on his way home that night when he lost control of his car due to inclement weather. He hit three oak trees before his car finally came to its resting point. Because he was alone, no one knows exactly what time the accident occurred; it was finally called in by a passerby (or guardian angel if you will) at 2am. He was intubated at the scene and rushed to St. Mary's Trauma Medical Center in West Palm Beach, FL. Christian had a badly ruptured spleen, severe head trauma, cracked T1 & T2 vertebrae, 2 cracked ribs, cracked sternum, compound fracture of the left femur that broke through skin, 2 fractures on and above his knee, broken jaw both sides with the left side being displaced by an inch. 

Fortunately, it was not yet his time. Miraculously, Christian's life was spared! He stabilized, and began to fight through his injuries, determined to make a full recovery. On his 16th day in the Trauma Ward, he surprised everyone by opening his eyes!

He started responding to commands almost immediately, showing that the vibrant Christian we know and love was still here! Two days after Christmas, when they took him off the ventilator and plugged the end of the trachea tube he defied all odds when he said "Hi Mom". 

Christian and his mother, Laura Gould-White, before the accident

It was then that we all realized, there was nothing holding him back. Since that day, he began physical therapy. Not only has he sat in a chair, but Christian is now WALKING with the aid of a walker and a physical trainer, and wheeling him self through the hospital halls.

Despite all of his hardships, he is so very grateful to be alive and to have been given a second chance to make something out of himself. He has mentioned to his mother, Laura Gould-White, that he wants to be an anesthesiologist and now realizes how precious the gift of life and you can lose it at the blink of an eye! This remarkable young man, has not stopped smiling, even as he spent New Year in a hospital bed. 

Very soon, he and his family will be able to kiss St Marys Trauma Center goodbye with an endless amount of love and gratitude! God truly has amazing plans for this remarkable young man! 
Race for the Cure

The process has been costly for him and his family. He has come such a long way, but still has hours of physical therapy ahead of him. He needs financial support now more that ever, and there is really no one who deserves it more. 

Christian has an established active Fund Raiser at http://www.gofundme.com/j62idg 
Please take the time to make a donation of ANY amount, every penny helps! 

The next time you have doubts about your ability to reach your New Year's Resolution, remember Christian Gould. 
He is living proof that ANYTHING is possible. 

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