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Monday, September 8, 2014

4 Tips for a Mommy "Sick Day"

So, you are feeling a little under the weather? Any normal person would  take a sick day and hide under the covers with a bottle of NyQuil, but you are not a normal person, you are a mom. And maybe, not just any mom, a KUL mom. KUL Moms do not get sick days, we do not take breaks. 
Fortunately, some of us have figured out some tricks and short cuts to get us through those tough sick days for those of you with little ones who can crawl or walk. 
Here is what I do with Nico to stay sane calm, and somewhat rested. 

  1. Close off a large space in the living room using the couch as one of the barriers for baby to play in.
    • This way I can lay on the couch and keep a very close eye on him. If you have a baby gate you could use that, if not improvise. We have found that a baby bouncer on it's side provides an exciting new activity center. Plus he can only touch the safe clean toys that I have provided for him. And I give him A LOT of toys, the more to keep him occupied the better. Have classical music in the back round to keep you both relaxed.
  2. Have exciting and vibrant movies that you will both enjoy. 
    • I don't like to let Nico watch television but when I get sick I have to make an exception.  It is okay to not do everything perfectly during these days. The more you rest the faster you will be able to get up and do educational things with your little one.That being said, I have found that colorful, exciting, and musical movies keep my little one's attention the best. We recommend the following, just to give you some ideas: 
      • Turbo 
      • Rio
      • Frozen
      • Tangled 
      • The Princess and The Frog
      • Aladdin
  3. Make sure that you are fully stocked on everything that you need to get well.
    • Stalk the cupboards with things you can make quickly, like Ramen Noodles or soup in a can or cup. Have the fridge full of vitamin C rich juice in pouches so that you can grab them and return to your little own. 
    • Set up a waste basket just outside the "play pen" for tissues and any other trash. 
    • Have any medicine that you need conveniently available 
    • Lastly, but most importantly, keep all of your things out of reach of baby
    • Washing your hands frequently in combination with those other things will help you to get on your feet and back to your regular routine in no time!

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