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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

6 Mommy Study Tips

The life of a Kul Mom can be hectic, and honestly, a little overwhelming. Between work, and college, and finding time for studying and homework can some times seem impossible. But I am here to tell you that it is! Here is what I do to keep my grades up and my stress levels down =)
  1. Do Homework and Study During Nap Time
    • Whether it be 20 minutes or two hours, those precious moments of silence when your little angel is sleeping are golden opportunities. The chores can wait, give your school work some attention. Start that essay, study for that test, complete those logic puzzles! It is much easier to concentrate, knowing that your baby is safe and not having little hands tugging at your legs. 
  2. Set Up Interesting Activity Centers
    • I set up exciting new play areas in a baby proofed space allowing Nico explore new things at close range. There is a percussion station with old pots and pans (Warning: this one can get pretty loud!), a block station, a laundry bin station (I put different textured items inside the basket and watch his reaction when he pulls them out), a hard book station, and a pillow station. You will be amazed at how much homework I have gotten through with this! 
  3. Find a Good Seat
    • Make sure that your are high enough so that your little one cannot touch your school supplies, but low enough to be approachable to your child. If you turn them away it might hurt their feelings by making it seem like you are too busy for them. When your baby comes to show you something, or maybe for a hug and a kiss, interact with them for at least ten minutes and then continue what your were doing. They will eventually lose interest too and resume playing. 
  4. Do NOT Procrastinate 
    • Time management is the absolute key to getting your work done on time! If you know that your baby only naps for hour a day, do not leave your assignment for the night before its due. The earlier you start they faster you finish, and then it is one less thing you have to worry about. 
  5. Read Before Your Bedtime Too
    • Get ready for a bed a little bit earlier than usual and use the extra time to catch up on your reading for class. Reading helps calm the mind before sleeping, and it is the perfect cure for insomnia 
  6. Make Time For Yourself
    • It is really important to find time to do what you love. This will help you to feel more relaxed and at ease, so that when it comes time for studying, you will be able to focus on the task at hand. Everyday, make sure that you carve out time in your day to do what you enjoy, and to take care of yourself. Do your nails, do your hair, watch your favorite show. We deserve it! 
So many mothers are going back to school! 
Congratulations to everyone who has made the decision to further their education! 

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