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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Night In: The Rugrats in Paris

I bet a lot of you remember the days when you had this movie on an orange VHS tape! I know I do!

For a very long time I was afraid that like most good old cartoons, this would be lost to the next generation, who would unfortunately miss out on a time when the shows that were meant for kids taught us valuable life lessons. 

All I can say now is, thank God for Netflix! We are finally starting to get some of those shows and movies back, and I am prepared to take FULL advantage of it! 

That being said, I give this movie 5 stars, and I highly recommend it to Kul Moms everywhere!!! 
Kids of all ages will love this fast paced adventure as they follow the babies through Reptarland in search of the perfect mommy, while you get to enjoy those jokes that flew right over your head when you were their age! 

The only warning I have is that the main conflict of this movie is a motherless child. 

Everyone has a different situation, and so those children who don't get to see mommy as much (or at all) may feel a little bit left out by the end of the movie. Also, there are some curious little ones out there who might ask you why Chucky is so sad (especially during that depressing airplane scene that always gives me the feels). Be prepared to explain that, and make sure they understand the emotions of grief and loneliness, then make sure they understand that it all gets resolved in the end. 

Overall, this is a fantastic movie to watch on a Saturday night in, that will please the inner kid in all of us!

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