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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

4 Affordable Dates for ANY Schedule

Most of us know by now that nurturing a strong and healthy relationship takes time, communication, love and respect. 

However, there is another important element that many people seem to overlook: companionship.  
As a couple, it is important to spend time together. Whether you are a new couple just getting to know each other, married with children, or have been married for decades, being together is what strengthens your bond. 

Though the concept is simple, to spend at least one night a week together, many people find this incredibly difficult to maintain. There are millions of excuse and intrusions that can pull us away from enjoying our soul mate. One of the most common excuses among the couples that I talk to, is that they don't have the time or the money to have a date night every week.

I have to disagree! 

With a little creativity and effort, any one can have a Date Night once a week on any budget. To get the gears in motion here are 4 romantic dates that won't break the bank, and that won't takes weeks of elaborate planning. 

1. Movies & S'mores! - After the kids have gone to bed bust out the grown up treats! That's right, the marshmallows and mini Hershey bar; it's S'mores time!! First place the chocolate on the gram cracker followed by a marshmallow. Make as many as you want together, 6, maybe 10 if you have a sweet tooth like me! Put them in the oven to broil for about a minute then cover with the other crack, flattening your gooey sandwich. As the s'mores chill in the freezer, pick out 2 movies that you each want to see. For added fun the movie could be a complete surprise to your partner! Whatever the other picks is mandatory for the other to watch, so make it good.
Supplies: Chocolate bars $3, marshmallows $2, gram crackers $2.50

2. Sunset picnic - Drive out to an area that is well known for a guaranteed amazing sunset view and wait for a clear evening. Make a nice simple meal, pack it up, and enjoy a beautiful sunset dinner! You can even light candles if it is not a windy day. Spend a couple hours enjoying a relaxing adult conversation, without the distractions of home. 
Supplies: Gas, dinner, dinner containers/basket, blanket, candles (optional)

3. Road Trip Dinner - Pick a nice (or nice-ish) restaurant that is atleast 45 minutes away to have dinner at. Enjoy the drive with each other talking, listening to music, playing car games, etc. This can be a great way to bond and it is a wonderful opportunity for a deep meaningful conversation, or a lighthearted good time! It could even be fun to bring the kids along on this one for a meaningful family bonding, with one condition, NO ELECTRONICS ALLOWED! (Except for the GPS of course.)
Supplies: Gas, money for dinner

4.Chapter by Chapter - Go to the local book store and spend sometime picking out a book together. Then after the kids have gone to bed, cuddle up and read a chapter aloud. This will only be boring if you pick out a boring book! Make it a page turning mystery novel, or a cool action sci-fi adventure! Depending on how long the book is, this can provide weeks of Date Night fun! You might even find that this is something you want to start doing every night, which would be especially helpful to your relationship if the book you choose is the bible! 
Supplies: Book, cuddle/reading spot

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