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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Inspiring Youth: Angelica M. Prendez

The message that young people are being sent is that the more we party the cooler we are. Young people are given poor examples from reality shows and the media. It seems like we are all expected to binge drink and sleep around every weekend with out considering the repercussions, wasting our energy and our time. 

Energy and time, that could go into something which involves getting us some how one step closer to living out our dreams!

Due to lack of inspiration, I would like to officially start something called Inspiring Youth. 

At least once a month I am going to dedicate a post to some one who is spending the "prime of their life" doing something meaningful. It time to shine the spotlight on better Role Models of Today!

I could think of no one better to start with than 21 year old Latina, Angelica M. Prendez.

 Angelica loved modeling and being in front of the camera even as a little girl. She dreamed of one day being able to show people that inner beauty counts just as much, if not more, than outward appearances. She learned how to set and realize her goals appearing in local fashion shows and beauty pageants. 

(Photo Shoot)

(A Night in Rio Fashion Show) 

(Photo Shoot with Jose Gomez) 
You can see that she is no stranger to not only reaching for the stars, but plucking them out of the sky! Recently she made the decision to audition for the popular Latin American beauty pageant TV show, Nuestra Belleza Latina. 

She trained and practiced and prepared for the audition day and she was there bright and early to face the challenges of the day head on!

Values are the core to any successful person. In order to be successful in mapping out the future, you have to know who you are, where you come from, and what you stand for. When I asked Angelica what she believed in, she replied,
" I believe in doing good, because when you're a good person at heart and give off positive energy, good things happen."
It is also important to accept that sometimes the door might close before you get there. But where one door closes another one is opened, and occasionally a closed door unlocks in time. Angelica did not make it to the final round of the audition process but she did not hang her head. Instead she is certain that there are better opportunities to come! 

For people like her there is no such thing as failure, only slight setbacks. What makes Angie so inspiring is her determination to follow the path to success no matter what the obstacle! She stated,
" I didn't make it into the last round but this is only the beginning!"

 Remember her face because you will definitely be seeing it again soon!

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