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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

College For FREE..... in Germany!

 I bet a lot of you got excited when you read the first half of that heading! Of course upon reading the rest of the heading, you were disappointed fairly quickly, unless you live in Germany! As if they didn't already give us a reason to love them by introducing Oktoberfest to the world, now they have completely abolished University tuition fees. That's right! 100 percent free, for local and international students! No full-ride scholarship required!

College prices were already considerably lower than the outrageous prices in the United States,($1,200 vs $25,000 - $60,000) but students were still upset. They, much like myself, believe that if their country was going to prosper, everyone should have the right to a higher education.

The accumulation of knowledge leads to improved problem solving skills, higher tolerance for personal differences, improved decision making skills, and higher paying jobs for anyone who is willing to put in the work. It would also encourage high students to graduate because they would have the realistic hope of being able to receive a higher education. Studies show that people who have been to college have higher self esteem, self respect, and self value. 

My only question now is, when is this going to happen in the United States? When are we going to decide that no one should be able to put a price on education? 

No one should be turned away from the opportunity for a better life simply because they cannot afford it. 

When is the United States of America going to realize that people are worth more than money?

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